Arcadia Euro Range T8 Desert 10% Lamp

Reptile UV T8 bulbs for your terrarium or vivarium

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  • T8 fluorescent tube strip light
  • 10% UVB content
  • Helps strong bone development
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What is the Arcadia Euro Range T8 Desert Lamp?

The Arcadia Euro Range T8 Desert Lamp is a long-life usable UVB bulb with a high output range to suit desert species, including Bearded dragons and Uromastyx. Like most lamps, it's a strip-light style UV lamp that has been made to the very highest quality by the reptile experts at Arcadia, allowing it to stand out against competitive lamps. Strip lamps typically run the entire length of your vivarium or terrarium giving medium to high levels of UVB or more naturally coloured animals.

Why do reptiles require UV light?

All reptiles, especially desert reptiles, need a healthy dose of UV light to synthesise Vitamin D3 properly, allowing them to utilise the calcium in their diet and create and maintain strong bones and avoid metabolic bone disease. Without it, they can suffer, so getting something like this Arcadia Euro Range Desert 10% Lamp can make a real difference. UV light also produces excellent natural colours as it allows reptiles to process the vitamins and nutrients that create colours.

What sort of light fitting is this?

These are T8 lamps a time-tested model of fluorescent lighting that won't let you down, although this range offers huge improvements compared to classic T8 lamps. This range also features 5 different sizes and wattages to ensure you get just the right UVB ratio and coverage for your reptile.



Diameter T8 Ø26mm


Product kWh/1000h Wattage Length
Euro Range Desert 15w 42cm/18 inch 19 15W 42cm
Euro Range Desert 18w 60cm/24 inch 22 18W 60cm
Euro Range Desert 25w 75cm/30 inch 31 25W 75cm
Euro Range Desert 30w 90cm/36 inch 36 30W 90cm
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