Cat Beds

Sadly, some cats don't have a cat bed. This means they are more likely to wander the house aimlessly and sometimes even try to create their own space by spraying to scent mark their potential territory. Soft furnishings especially can suffer from your cat not having a bed, meaning they use your couch, bed or seats causing them to collect lots of fur from moulting cats as well as claw damage caused by their attempts to get comfy.

Cats tend to claw at their bedding to get it just how they want it, not great for your sofa!

Instead, you can choose from this comprehensive range of Cat Beds chosen by our feline experts at Swell Pets. These beds have been selected to give you a great variety of beds of excellent quality, great usability and superb value-for-money.

Easy to keep clean, most are machine washable and are made to a high standard so they will look great in your home, particularly in your cats favourite spot.

Style is up to you and your cat too. You might prefer a Donut Bed with soft and cosy walls, or a nifty Radiator bed to hang off your home heat-source.

At Swell there is plenty to choose from, with plenty of respected manufacturers represented in this range, all at discount prices.

If you place your order before 3pm weekdays, you can get Next Working Day Delivery on your order too!

Browse and order now to save money and time!