Edgard Cooper Wet Multipack

Magnificent multipack with three super flavours, in tins or foil pouches

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  • The perfect mixed pack of flavours
  • Ideal to test to find favourites!
  • Available in pouches or tins
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What are the Edgard Cooper Multipacks?

The Edgard Cooper Wet Multipacks provide you with a great mix of flavours to try for your dog, ideal for those just testing out and wanting to see which will be favourites, or those who have fussy eaters who change their preferences often!

What are the key features of this multipack?

  • Available in 6 x 400g tins or 6 x 100g foil pouches
  • 3 different flavours in each pack: 2 x Game and Duck, 2 x Chicken and Turkey, and 2 x Lamb and Beef
  • Grain free recipes with simple and easy to digest ingredients
  • Packed with fresh meat and offal for natural goodness
  • Available as either 400g tins (6 x 400g) or 100g foil packs (6 x 100g)

The Edgard Cooper magnificent multipacks include three flavours to try - rich Game and Beef, lighter Chicken and Turkey, and a flavoursome Lamb and Beef. There are 2 of each flavour included.

Why should I choose Edgard Cooper?

Edgard Cooper believes that fresh food is good food, and they only use the best ingredients, providing a balanced and healthy diet that is suitable for almost any dog.

They are great for fussy eaters, packed with fresh meat and offal to really appeal to all palates, as well as being easy on more sensitive tummies with their simple grain-free recipes.

What's in each flavour?

With three flavours, your pooch can find their favourite:

  • Chicken and Turkey - chicken 30%, turkey 26%, minerals, carrots 2%, cranberries 1%, tomatoes 1%, pumpkin 1%, apples 1%, parsley 0.1%, dill 0.1%.
  • Game and Duck - game 30%, duck 26%, minerals, carrots 2%, sweet potato 1%, beetroot 1%, cranberries 1%, apples 1%, parsley 0.1%, dill 0.1%.
  • Lamb and Beef - lamb 30%, beef 26%, minerals, carrots 2%, broccoli 1%, beetroot 1%, apples 1%, spinach 1%, parsley 0.1%, dill 0.1%.
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