Fluval U Filter Biomax

A bioactive filter media for the Fluval U series

At a glance...
  • Loose filtration media for the Fluval U series filters
  • Offers the maximum surface area for biological filtration
  • Each pack contains 170g of filter media
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The Fluval U filter Bio-Max is suitable for use with the Fluval U2, U3 and U4 internal filters. This product has been designed to assist in the removal of harmful toxins from the water of your Fish Tank or Aquarium. It also helps to encourage beneficial bacteria, by providing a larger surface area for the bacteria to cultivate, which can help to maintain healthy aquarium water for your fish.

These unique bio rings have a complex pore system to provide a huge surface area for the bacteria to colonise, and thrive, ensuring your tank is functioning at its very best. This will help to reduce and control ammonia and nitrate levels within the tank as well, and can be used for freshwater and marine tanks.

You may need to replace your Fluval U Fluval Series Filter Foams and Poly/Carbon cartridge pads as well, to ensure the best filtration.

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