Hownd Plant-Powered Superfood Wet

Fresh vegan recipes, ideal for dog owners using a vegan diet

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  • Ready to serve vegan diet, available in single 400g packs
  • Can be fed as part of a vegan diet or to reduce meat intake
  • Perfect for sensitive pups, especially those with allergies
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What is Hownd Plant-Powered Superfood Wet?

Hownd Superfood range provides fresh vegan recipes that are ideal for those using a vegan diet, those wanting to reduce meat intake, those who want to just try it, or those who just like the interesting flavours!

What are the benefits of this dog food?

Available in three flavours, as well as mixed variety to try two of each, the Hownd Superfood is a complete and nutritional diet that can be fed alone or alongside a dry food, such as the Hownd Plant Powered Superfood. It contains the perfect balance of highly digestible proteins, fats, carbs and nutrients, so it can be fed alone, or as part of a varied diet.

  • Hypoallergenic, 100% clean ingredients
  • Ideal for sensitive skin, tummies and allergy sufferers
  • High protein, low purine with added vegan D3, antioxidants, and pre- & pro-biotics
  • Packed with superfoods, including hemp, moringa and brewer’s yeast, boosting skin and coat
  • No GMO, wheat, soya, fillers, additives, preservatives, artificial colours or flavours, or MEAT!

This is a naturally hypoallergenic recipe that not only offers dog everything they require, but is perfect for those with allergies triggered by meat, dairy or fish. This is a high protein and low purine food. Equipped with vegan D3, antioxidants, pre-biotics and pro-biotics, the Hownd 100% clean-ingredient is a perfect choice for sensitive stomachs, sensitive skin, or just for the healthy lifestyle choice. 

Whilst the Hownd Superfoods embrace the vegan lifestyle, this does not need to be a sole diet, and can be flexed into a current diet to either offer an alternative or just reduce a meat-based intake a few times a week. The added hemp, moringa and brewer’s yeast mean you’ll see a difference in skin and coat quality even by just feeding a few times a week. 

What are the flavours in this range?

  • Hownd Blueberry and Coconut Porridge with Chai and Oats - the perfect breakfast boost! Ready to serve, tasty offering that will start your pup the right way for the day
  • Hownd Papaya Chai and Lentil Dahl with Coconut & Moringa - a scrumptious meal, for lunch or dinner
  • Hownd Quinoa and Pumpkin Casserole with Organic Hemp Protein and Moringa - Boost skin, coat and overall health with added hemp and moringa superfoods

Feeding Guide*

Weight Grams per Day
2.5kg - 5kg 220g - 400g
6kg - 10kg 425g - 725g
11kg - 20kg 640g - 1160g
25kg - 40kg 1350g - 2065g

*As fed solely, can be reduced if being fed alongside other foods, such as Hownd Plant Powered Superfood Dry

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