Komodo Ceramic Lamp Fixture

High-temperature heat-proof reptile light fitting

At a glance...
  • Ceramic lamp holder and bracket for terrarium heating
  • Easy to install pendant fitting
  • E27 screw fitting, compatible with most reptile bulbs
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What is the Komodo Ceramic Lamp Fixture?

The Komodo Ceramic Lamp Fixture is a coated metal mounting bracket for reptile heat or light sources. This Komodo ceramic ES lamp fixture mounting bracket can be used for the secure installation of reptile basking bulbs and ceramic lamps up to 200 Watts. It's ideal for various enclosures as it is suitable for both humid environments and arid enclosures, delivering a heat-resistant power-fitting needed for safe and efficient lighting and heating in your reptiles' environment.

What are the benefits of this lamp fixture?

A lamp fixture mounting bracket is easily mountable and keeps your reptiles' environment simple while ensuring that heat and light elements are secure. If another type of fitting is used it can overheat and endanger both your pet and the enclosure as a whole. Even more durable light fittings might not be UV-resistant and will slowly degrade over time. The only option for a safe and secure enclosure is a Komodo Ceramic Lamp Fixture.

How do you set up this lamp fixture?

This Komodo screw-fit heating lamp holder itself is easily fitted to the roof of your vivarium with the bracket supplied, simply screwed it into the wood to hold it firmly in place. For added convenience, the cable supplied with the holder features an On/Off switch as well as a 3-pin plug.



Brand Komodo
Wattage 200W
Fitting E27 Screw-fitting
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