ProRep Bug Grub - Insect Food 300g-1kg

Enrich your live food with added nutrition

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  • Dry diet designed for the breeding and maintenance of all livefood insects
  • Keeps a healthy population of feeder insects
  • Available in packs of 300g, and in bulk at 1kg
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Bug Grub is essential to keeping a healthy population of feeder insects for your reptiles to enjoy.

When feeding them live food insects such as locusts and crickets, you need to ensure that the feeder-insects are as nutritious as possible for your reptile, and you can do that by feeding them ProRep Bug Grub.

Not only will the bugs enjoy it, but it contains plenty of important nutrients that will be in the insect's tissues and gut by the time your reptile gets round to eating them. This ensures your feeder insects are of the highest nutritional quality when they are eaten.

Product is available in two sizes. 300g and 1kg.

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