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  • Durable high bounce balls for dogs
  • Dog toy made from natural rubber
  • Multicoloured balls in a set of 3
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High bounce balls in bright colours offer great fun for dogs and their owners.

What is SPORTSPET High Bounce?

SPORTSPET High Bounce balls are made from a unique blend of Japanese rubber giving them both incredible bounce and durability. Highly durable, these completely non-toxic dog toys are multicoloured and available in a set of 3. Perfect for dogs who love playing in the water, these dog balls are floatable and encourage exercise promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. High Bounce dog balls are 60mm in size so they are easy to hold and allow your dog to carry them with ease. Designed for all dogs, SPORTSPET High Bounce balls enable you to train and correct your dog's behaviour while providing safe playtime.

For the best playtime with your dog, proper supervision is advised during playtime and remove any toys if any parts become detached.

What are the benefits of SPORTSPET High Bounce dog balls?

High bounce balls provide endless hours of fun for your dog and keep them active. Through physical activity, SPORTSPET balls can strengthen your dog’s muscle mass and keep them active. These super bouncy and durable balls offer mental stimulation and can be used as training tools to instil good behaviour in dogs. This dog toy has incredible bounce, fits perfectly between most jaws and is considerably safer than sticks. Dogs love these high bounce balls because they are not only fun to play with, but are versatile as well. By stimulating your dog's instinct for a game of fetch, they relieve stress and stimulate them mentally as well as physically.

Size 60 mm
Colour Multicolour
Pack size 3 pack
Suitable for All dog breeds
Material Japanese rubbers
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