Healthy Paws Oils

Nautral fish based oils for healthy supplements, suitable for wet or dry dog food.

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  • Three food supplement oils to support your dog
  • Easy to use pump bottle for accurate measures
  • Health support for your dogs
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What are the Healthy Paws Oils?

A range of healthy supplement oils for adding to dogs food to offer a natural and healthy body support. Equipped with an easy to use pump dispenser for accurate measurements, these oils offer great benefits, such as a natural omega 3 boost.

Key Features:

    500ml bottles, available in three varieties to suit your dog Can be mixed and match to get the best benefits Easy to add to any meal, wet or dry food Pump dispenser for accurate doses

Which Healthy Paws Oil is right for my dog?

The Healthy Paws Oils come in a choice of three varieties, each with their own additional health benefits.

    Salmon Oil - a cold pressed oil from sustainably caught salmon, providing omega 3 & 6, as well as essential fatty acids. These help to maintain a lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, as well as reducing inflammation. This offers support for heart health, ideal for older dogs, as well as aiding in digestion and supporting a good overall healthy immune system. Sardine Oil - packed full of goodness, including omega 3 & 6 and vitamin D, helping with bones, brains, muscles and skin and hair. This provides the highest natural concentration of omega 3 natural fatty acids to maintain a lower blood pressure, as well as helping as an anti-inflammatory.Sheepfat with Hemp Oil - ideal for digestion, this sheepfat oil is great for skin and coats, as well as helping good gut health. The added hemp includes natural minerals such as calcium, potassium and vitamins E, C and B for helping brain function and metabolism.

How do I use them?

These can just be put straight onto existing food, either wet or dry. One pump is 2ml of oil, and ideally small dogs should have around 2ml a day, medium dogs around 6ml per day, and large dogs around 10ml per day.


    Salmon Oil - 100% Scottish Salmon oil Sardine Oil - 100% pure sardine oil Sheepfat with Hemp Oil - hempseed oil 38%, sheepfat 28%, sunflower oil 33%
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