Edgard & Cooper Doggy Dental Strawberry and Mint

Low calorie dental chew that lasts even longer

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  • Available in three sizes to suit your dog
  • Easy weekly 7 pack
  • Dental care without the fuss
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What are the Edgard Cooper Doggy Dentals?

The Edgard Cooper Doggy Dentals are an air-dried treat stick that boasts an extra long chew time, tackling more plaque than a standard treat.

What are the key features of this dental chew

  • Easy 7 pack in a choice of sizes to suit your dog
  • Hypoallergnenic recipe means it's suitable for almost every dog
  • This plant-based air-dried treat is low in calories and ideal for daily use
  • These are grain free, and suitable from 4 months old
  • Packed with mint for fresh breath, calcium for healthy teeth and strawberry and coconut for a tempting tasty flavour.

The Edgard Cooper Doggy Dental stick is perfect for daily use in tackling plaque, with an extra long chew time from their air drying production method. This gives a longer, deep and more effective tooth clean, each and every day.

Why should I choose Edgard Cooper Doggy Dentals?

The Edgard Cooper Doggy Dentals are a hypoallergenic and grain free treat that comes in at just 60 calories for a medium stick, the lowest on the market by a long way. Not only do they keep your pooch entertained for longer, they save you the arduous task of teeth cleaning, or the veterinary expense!

They contain not only the obvious mint for a lovely fresh breath, but also have added calcium for stronger teeth too. They’ve also included strawberry and coconut for a tasty flavour, keeping your dog coming back for them every day!

Which is the best size for my dog?

Available in three sizes, there is the perfect size for every pooch. The smallest size is ideal for up to 10kg dogs, the medium is best for 10kg - 25kg, and the largest stick for dogs 25kg and over.

What's in them?

  • Ingredients: - potato (dried, 47.5%), potato starch (dried, 23.5%), vegetable glycerin, cellulose, minerals, strawberries (dried, 0.3%), blueberries (dried, 0.3%), coconut oil (0.1%), peppermint oil (0.05%), aloe vera (dried, 0.05%)
  • Analytical constituents: - crude protein 3%, crude fat 1%, crude fibre 4%, crude ash 4.8%, moisture 22%, calcium 0.5%.
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