Canophera Coffee Wood Dog Chew Stick

Coffee wood sticks that won't splinter, ideal for daily dental care

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  • Available in four sizes to suit your dog
  • Made from sustainable wood
  • Calorie-free long lasting chew
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What are the Canophera Coffee Wood Sticks?

The Canophera Coffee Wood sticks are a natural sustainable coffee wood chew that is long lasting and completely natural.

Key Features:

  • Available in four sizes to suit your dog, from extra small to large, for dogs up to 85lbs
  • Sustainably sourced coffee wood
  • Long lasting and completely natural, with no calories or caffeine or any other artificial additives
  • Vegan friendly, and suitable from 6 months old
  • Great daily activity that helps keep teeth clean
  • Non-splintering wood

The harder coffee wood makes an ideal natural treat, and as there is nothing else added to the wood, they are vegan, calorie free and completely natural. They are a by-product from normal coffee production, so also super eco-friendly too!

Why should I choose Canophera Coffee Wood?

Suitable for puppies from 6 months old, these sticks are ideal to entertain dogs for a longer period, providing an activity whilst naturally cleaning teeth at the same time. Not only can dogs enjoy the natural urge to chew, but it's great for strengthening dental muscles, with the fine wood fibres actings as nature's toothbrush.

Which is the best size for my dog?

These are available in four sizes to suit your dog, with recommendations based on weight. Heavy chewers are recommended to go for the size up:

  • Extra small - 6.3 - 7.1”, for dogs up to 10lbs
  • Small - 7.1 - 8.7”, for dogs up to 20lbs
  • Medium - 9 - 10.2”, for dogs up to 45lbs
  • Large - 10.2 - 11”, for dogs up to 85lbs

The Canophera Coffee Wood will have fine wood fibres come off due to the dogs saliva over time, which are fine to be ingested, but the wood will not splinter. We advise you should never leave a dog unattended with any chew or toy though.

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