Swell Calcium Powder

Calcium supplement for all reptiles and amphibians

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  • 100% natural phosphorus free calcium powder
  • Best used alongside a vitamin and mineral supplement
  • Suitable for all reptiles and amphibians
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A reptile calcium additive in a micro-particle size to ensure proper absorption of supplementation.

What is Swell Calcium Powder?

Swell Reptiles Calcium Powder provides the essential calcium intake needed for your reptiles, preventing many bone deficiencies. This calcium powder comes in a 125g resealable tub to give you an easy way to supplement your reptiles and is available in a micro-particle size to ensure optimal calcium absorption and excellent adhesion to plant matter and insects. Swell Calcium Powder delivers an essential part of a reptile and amphibians’ diet.

What are the benefits of calcium supplements?

Calcium is an essential component in the diet of all reptiles as it's the substance that makes up their bones. Calcium deficiency in reptiles can lead to diseases such as MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease), which can cause painful joint problems, deformities, soft shells, and even death. Hence, calcium supplements such as Swell Calcium Powder are essential for ensuring your reptile develops strong, healthy bones, in addition to a good source of D3 to aid in calcium absorption.

Directions for use:

Swell Calcium Powder can be used on vegetation or livefood in your reptile’s food bowl. For vegetation, sprinkle over the top and offer immediately. For livefood, place a small amount in a bag with the insects, gently shake to coat them fully, and offer immediately.

Use a fine coating on every fourth food offering. Best used in conjunction with Swell Calcium Powder with Vitamin D3 and Swell Multivitamin.

Store in a cool dry place.

Suitable for All reptiles and amphibians
Size 125 g


Composition: Calcium carbonate.

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