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Tropica Alternanthera reineckii 'Mini' 1-2-Grow!

Mini red Alternanthera live aquarium plant

At a glance...
  • Spectacular live plant for freshwater aquariums
  • Medium difficulty to grow and medium growth rate
  • Pre-portioned 5-10cm plants
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This miniature version of the well-known Alternanthera is characterised by compact growth and a slower growth rate. Known by its common name, Mini red Alternanthera, It is particularly suitable for small aquariums or as a foreground plant in larger aquascapes. By careful trimming, it is possible to create a dense, red-violet carpet of approximately 5 to 10 cm in height. High light intensity and the addition of CO2 improves the plant's growth and overall appearance.

Common name Mini red Alternanthera
Type Stem
Growth rate Medium
Origin Cultivar
Height 5-10cm+
Light demand Medium - +0.5W/L
CO2 demand Medium - 6-14 mg/L
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